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So a few people have been asking what my favourite MLP songs are from FiM & EG.

I couldn’t narrow it down to a Top 5 or anything but i have listed them below and made a playlist so you all can listen to them :3 <- Playlist!

They are in the order they appear in the show & movie.

- Giggle at the ghostly

- Winter wrap up

- Smile smile smile

- Love is in bloom

- Ballad of the crystal ponies

- A true true friend

- Celestias ballad

- Cafeteria song

Hope you enjoy them as much as i do <3


Anonymous asked:

Hi! Just wondering what that sleep monitor thing you used? You posted a pic on twitter saying you had 77 minutes restless and I think it would be helpful for others so.. Where did you get it? :)

It is part of my fitbit fitness watch. Its the app that comes with the watch :)

smiles-is-smilingatu asked:

I was just wondering does it ever feel weird having invited us all to view into your life? I know that with some of the things you've been going through you seem to be gathering strength from it and it also seems that a there are more than a few people gathering strength from you as well but I can't imagine that it doesn't feel odd sometimes.

At first it was tough to decide what to show and what not to show.. no one understood my illness and just assumed i was boring.. but i continued on and let more people in and showed them the real problems and it turned out to be the best thing. If i had never made day 164 i would still be crying daily and worrying, but now i know 50k people are supporting me.. who can be sad when they say that.. i couldn’t ask for anything more than i have been given, the kindness, the motivation, the friendships. Its truly a blessing.


Anonymous asked:

Hi Kaeyi! First of all I need to thank you for getting the word of WildStar out there.. it is down to you that I am now super hyped to play :) Which brings me to my question, will you be making it public knowledge as to which server you are playing on or not? :) All the best! Love your work.

Awwh np! I love sharing gaming love so more people can experience things. we will make it public but atm we dont even know. The server lists arent even public yet i don’t think :) But dw we will do.

supercatwarrior asked:

Hi Kaeyi! I just wanted to say that I love yours and Martyn's videos as well as Intheittledream. I saw that you were responding to some asks so I decided I would see if you'd notice me. Your strength truly inspires me to get up and get through the day no matter how bad I'm feeling. I hope you guys continue making videos and share your stories with us everyday!

Awwh ty! We hope to make videos for a long time and once im better hope to go to a lot more events to meet people. IT really is the best that we get to help so many people like yourself <3


Anonymous asked:

Not sure if this is to personal or not sooo forgive me if it is and please don't hate me 3; But do you and Martyn Believe in sex before marriage or not?

I personally think its dependant on the person. I like the idea of no sex before marriage because these days it seems to be the only thing people focus on. If you can have a long loving relationship without it then its a bonus once you’re married. But i also realise its a very old fashioned thing and not many people stick by it these days.. really depends on the person :) 

enveena asked:

What is the best recipe for Kale chips and how do you make it. I Love to watch movies in the weekend and want to try this as a nice snack (Atleast, I hope it's nice XD)

Spray kale chips with olive oil, sprinkle pepper and a couple of tsp’s of paramesan cheese.. bake for 15 mins. PERFECT.

agaygenius asked:

are you thinking of bringing out the nose piercings and possibly re-doing the lip piercings again any time soon because i do miss that kind of rebel side to you :3

Haha i can still put my right side lip piercing in whenever i like. The left side has healed sadly. I like to sneak my septum out every now and again :P

huntressofthesun asked:

Do you happen to know if the lovely people over at Wildstar plan to release a Mac version of the game once it comes out? I know we Mac gamers are a minority (there's only 4%) but I'm just a bit saddened that I couldn't participate in any of the beta's. Much love <3

I am not sure at all to be honest.. i would try and get a reply from the ws twitter or google it. They must of answered somewhere :3

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