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In support of Fibro/CFS/ME i am adding this entwined ribbon to my profile pictures.

Show your support or suffering by doing the same.

The link to the PNG file is here:

The original ribbon is from Twibbon however, it had the date on it.. this is something we can be proud to show all year round!

It also makes it super easy to identify fellow Spoonies! :3


ITLDream Mochis :3 Mochis again, they are so cute and easy to make! Those one are InthelittleDream themed. I got inspired after watching “Super Kawaii Noms Haul! episode, where Kaeyi talked about how much she likes mochis sweets.  I plan to send these little balls of felt to the P.O Box.. one day.. maybe :P. My camera is crap and wouldn’t focus, after many photos I finally got one that pick up the faces details. Un autre mini-projet terminé et donc un boost de dextérité +2 , maintenant place aux plushdollz (j’espère)!

Go watch Kaeyi & Martyn Vlog channel, they are amazing!! :

Here the link to the pattern I used for these little kawaiis:


I’m so happy for Martyn and Kaeyi!!!! + Video suggestions


(They linked the tumblr tag #InTheLittleDream from their YouTube so I’ll talk as if they are reading this)

Congratulations!!!!! I’m so happy for you both! I’m looking forward to the Christmas tree pictures and other holiday shenanigans :3

You guys said that you want to hear fans’ opinions on what content to do for the channel, so here is my fairly long list of suggestions (I’m putting a read more b/c I don’t want to clog my follower’s dashboards):

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Some great ideas ty ♡

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